Wendy Williams: “Blackie at Your Service”

Despite the controversies surrounding her and her mouth, Wendy Williams is a woman that I admire and have substantial amount of respect for. Wendy has always been a woman who not only “says it like she means it” but she does it how she wants it regardless of what others say. With that fearlessness and fierceness it has allowed her to venture into writing, acting, and producing all while bearing her bright smile. Yet, what I admire the most about Wendy is her work ethic and extreme dedication to her craft. Yes along the way she ruffled feathers, but never once did she let her scandalous moments or questionable past stop her from reaching heights that she set for herself. When I stumbled across this video of her recalling her first “big break” my admiration grew for at this very moment in my life I am at the state where my sight of vision is concentrated squarely on the future that I have to create for myself. I hate to compare myself to a primitive animal, but it is as if I am a horse competing in the Kentucky Derby with eye shields focused on what is ahead of me disregarding what is behind me because if I did it would only distract me from my prize. So, I share with you her words of wisdom on how she got her start into a competitive career and I hope you all, especially my ladies out there, find her message insightful and empowering.

The chase continues.

Sidenote: She ain’t never lied about affording an accidental pregnancy. I am NOT here for that.

Back To Writing

Oh Man!

It has been a significant amount of time since I last wrote a conceptual blog about life in personal and general terms, but my love for writing never faltered and the overwhelming need to write encouraged by the voice calling me to compose could no longer be ignored.  During the past year my life has changed drastically. I understand that may seem like a cliche of a statement for as humans we experience change due to passing time which inevitable and ultimately the substance of change, yet the change I have experienced has altered my approach to life in regards to my mental clarity, physical health, spirituality, and intimate relationships. The only way that I could experience these changes for the better was to force myself to participate in an activity that is ignored far too much in the black community: I started seeing a counselor.

Being that I am a college student, I have the great fortune to attend a community campus that offers free counseling services to students and so far my experience has been wonderful.  I started attending weekly sessions last October and continued them into March only to stop in advance to concentrate on finals. The truth is my decision to seek a counselor was completely out of desperation. In fact I was in the mist of having a teary anxiety attack at my school walking down a hallway that was a tad bit too crowded for my comforts when I decided to dash to the counseling office, thank God it was open, to seek help. The anger that I had directed towards my mother increased within me, unbearable anxiety of public place overwhelmed me, the desire to starve myself consumed me, the fear of success overpowered me, and the aspirations I had for life deserted me.

Overtime when I am willing to, I do believe that I will share in detail why that is so, but for now I’m just happy to be back on WordPress. I’m so thankful that through God, my counselor, and family support that I have been able to pull myself into a whole substance and finally answer the call to writing. Writing for me has always been a therapeutic joy that is challenging and I know that this is my calling that for far too long I ignored. So, today this is where I being and plan to continue until my end.

The chase beings.

President Obama’s Weekly Address – Passing the Buffett Rule

President Obama calls on Congress to pass the Buffett Rule (named after Warren Buffett), a principle that ensures that millionaires and billionaires do not pay less in taxes as a share of their income than middle class families pay — as a matter of fairness.

Texas U.S. Senators Contact Information

Texas U.S. Representatives Contact Information*

*Congressman Sessions only represents District 32 (Dallas County) which is where I reside, but you can always find out who your representatives are by going here.


“…a Jim Crow army can not fight for a the free world..”

-NAACP in regards to the U.S. protecting other countries’ civil liberties and rights as opposed to it’s own minority citizens in a segregated country during WWII.